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Unique Features of BlueSnap

Who Can Get It

There are many reasons why BlueSnap is the best e-commerce payment service provider in the world. One of them being that it can be integrated with any size or type of company, regardless if they sell physical goods or virtual goods. We will explore this incredible feature and others so you can see how BlueSnap is one of a kind!

The first thing to note is that BlueSnap provides a PCI-compliant payment gateway, which is ideal for any business looking to start or expand their online sales. With this gateway, businesses can accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments from customers around the world. And because BlueSnap is also a merchant account provider, you’re able to get paid faster than ever before – usually within two days of your sale!


Another great thing about BlueSnap is that it offers an extensive range of global payment methods. This means that regardless of where your customers are located, you’ll be able to offer them a payment option they’re comfortable with. In addition to traditional credit and debit cards, BlueSnap supports over 150 local payment methods including direct carrier billing, bank transfers, and local eWallets.

With BlueSnap, you’re able to sell both physical and digital goods online. And this is a big deal because it means that you can expand your business beyond the limits of what many other payment service providers offer. In addition to taking payments for products sold in stores or at fairs, businesses are also able to accept orders from customers around the world 24/365. This includes processing transactions on weekends and holidays!

In conclusion, whether you want to start accepting international credit cards or begin getting paid instantly with PayPal; regardless if you work primarily with BtoC companies or handle BtoB sales – there’s no better way than using BlueSnap as your all-inclusive global payment gateway provider!