How to Choose an Assisted Living Facility

Facts About Assisted Living Care

Choosing an assisted living facility for a loved one can be difficult, but it doesn’t need to be once you learn all about Assisted Living Vancouver WA services. There are many things to consider when choosing the right facility. This article will help you in your decision by outlining some of the most important considerations and how they relate to each other.

– the facility should be close to family and friends

– consider how much your loved one will have to pay for their care. Is it covered by insurance? If not, can you afford it? Are there discounts available if they are a veteran or senior citizen?\ \ What about long term care insurance – is this an option worth considering at all costs?

Assisted Living Vancouver WA

– consider whether or not certain amenities might meet your needs. For example, would a swimming pool help someone with dementia work on cognitive skills in order to maintain as high level of function as possible during their stay at the facility? Or maybe 24/hr supervision is important because that’s what worked best for them when they were still living independently. The details may vary from case to case, but they are still worth considering.

– what is the facility’s philosophy? Would your loved one feel comfortable there or would they be uncomfortable in a place that expects them to “age gracefully”? Some facilities have stricter rules about how residents dress and whether or not visitors can come over during certain hours of the day – if you know this ahead of time then it will save you some stress later on.

– consider other factors like food quality, staff friendliness, etc… How does an assisted living facility stand out from all the rest? Can previous residents provide testimonials as to which places were best for their needs?